Our in-house design team are able to provide innovative, cutting edge design, responding to your briefs, with sensitivity to your brand and visual identity.

At this stage, we will also discuss the functionality of the products, as this will have a significant bearing on considerations such as fabric composition, fabric weight, fit and size spreads.


Before every order is placed, we will provide samples which you can approve, so you will know exactly what you can expect to be delivered before placing an order. Due to the importance of this stage, we offer this as a complimentary service and will work on samples until you are completely happy with them.



Our network of factories, and the relationships we have developed with them, is a source of pride for our business.

Once an order is placed with us, we give our factories the go ahead. From that point until the products are ready to leave the factory door, our production team and garment technologists will be in daily conversation with the factories.

Our decisions on which factories we work with are taken extremely seriously.

This conversation ensures that every element of the products meet our approval. Our Ethical concerns include compliance with our own requirements and local/international laws.

Consistent lead times

Quality of product


Customer service

Ethical concerns

Quality Control

Here at Beat Concepts, we know that we are only as good as the product we deliver, so we take quality control incredibly seriously.

In our factories we have highly trained technicians that inspect each garment to make sure standards are met. Internally our garment technologists put garments through rigorous testing to ensure they are compliant.


Our shipping and logistics department have a huge amount of experience in getting products from the factory door to your point of delivery, wherever in the world that may be, at the best cost and in the quickest time frames possible.

We will always obtain quotes from a number of shipping partners to ensure that our shipping costs are competitive, and we obtain the very best rates available for sea or air freight.



Working with various European garment stockists, printers and embroiderers, if a fast turnaround or a low quantity is required, we can deliver customised product in a matter of weeks


Warehousing / Stock Management

If you do not have your own warehousing facilities we are able to keep high volumes of products in storage facilities in the same country as your point of delivery to minimise lead times.

We can provide online ordering systems allowing multiple sites to manage their own orders if necessary, and can keep on top of stock levels and top up when necessary to ensure there is always enough stock for your business needs.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your company’s requirements with you at your convenience